Working Together Means Profitable Results

Infogenic Solutions helps ensure you get the most out of the extraordinarily powerful business technology tool Microsoft SharePoint. As a Microsoft Partner, we know how to determine the best solution for implementing SharePoint to make it easier for your team members to work together most effectively.

SharePoint offers your business a centralized hub, where data and documents can be saved, exchanged, modified or published. Its integrated platform takes the concept of a typical “shared drive” to a much higher level—greatly simplifying data access, facilitating teamwork and automating routines. Infogenic is expert at combining Microsoft technology with our custom software development and integration services to make SharePoint work the way it should for your business, so you can focus on higher priorities, like running your business—profitably.

Microsoft SharePoint Services

We offer a SharePoint Assessment program to help you answer the question: “Is SharePoint the right solution for my business?” If you are considering SharePoint for your organization, but have limited time and/or budget, our SharePoint Assessment program can help you quickly realize whether or not SharePoint is the product best for meeting your needs.

Our SharePoint Assessment program services include:

  • Business Analysis and Proof of Concept
  • SharePoint Quick Deployment, including limited release to one department or location

We also provide SharePoint Implementation services, so you don’t just use SharePoint, you use it better. Our full range of analysis, design and development services helps make your SharePoint implementation painless and easy for you, through:

  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Deployment
  • SharePoint Integration

In addition, our answer to the question “Can SharePoint be tailored to fit my specific needs” is a definite “Yes!” Infogenic has the Microsoft training expertise and experience to make sure it fits your needs through our SharePoint Customization services. To be sure, straight out-of-the-box SharePoint is an extremely powerful tool in and of itself.  But when you need functionality specifically geared to your business, whether that means custom code is required to address unique business requirements or to close the gap between your needs and what the packaged software offers, Infogenic Solutions can help. Our team has many years of experience helping companies of all sizes develop real, working solutions to software shortfalls and creating custom applications that help business run better—and more profitably.

Leveraging SharePoint Via Extranet

Having SharePoint for your company can help employee productivity in many ways, but building an extranet for your clients to access makes SharePoint even more powerful. When sharing files and documents via email, version control, security, and email chains with multiple recipients can be information headaches. But by granting access rights to customized SharePoint subsites for your client base, your teams can access and share up-to-date with your customers. Customers can login and access their own files and also upload files directly to their own site. Infogenic Solutions has created the Extranet Helper application to make setting up and maintaining custom SharePoint sites a pain-free experience. Our Extranet Helper simplifies that task through the use of an easy-to-use interface and powerful scripting. Create clients and users, build SharePoint sites, and synchronize files between SharePoint libraries and fileshares in no time.

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