Regulations & Compliance

Run Your Business Without Fear of Legal Trouble

Every year, it seems federal and state governments add more and more laws meant to regulate the businesses you run. And while some of this regulation is thought out and necessary, it can become difficult to keep up with. It becomes only a matter of time before you or one of your employees makes a mistake and costs you in fines and penalties. However, by running your regulations and compliances through an automated system, you can reduce the potential for human error.

Through the systems created by Infogenic Solutions, we can help create a work environment where tasks that otherwise require attention to regulations and compliance are completed via automatic work programs. Not only can a move to an automated system save your company time and resources, but it ensures you can pass any external audits or tests.

How Automated Systems Keep You Up to Code

Through our programming, supported by Microsoft’s suite of office software, we can put in place specific parameters and checks your system must make to ensure your work is compliant and up to code. For example, an automated system can:

  • Redact and Protect Personal Data
  • Track Errors
  • Self-Audit
  • Secure Sensitive Documents
  • Allow Specific User Access
  • Provide Central Location for All Reports

What Are the Benefits?

Besides reducing the tasks you or your employees must perform, the creation of an automated workflow system directly benefits your business when looking to follow all laws and regulations. As such, some advantages include:

  • Reduction of Human Error
  • Less Risk of Breaching Regulations
  • Helps Your Organization Stay In Sync
  • Reduces Workload of Employees
  • Faster Response When Issues Occur

LPM Integration

Infogenic Solutions develops a program for businesses called Lean Process Management (LPM). Our program incorporates tools based on Microsoft Office 365 and works to automate various tasks businesses usually do manually. And with such a program, we allow our clients the ability to have greater control over compliance and regulations passed by state and federal governments. Our goal is to ensure businesses have the most control over internal processes and stay ahead of the latest legal trends.

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