Execute Workflows at the Press of a Button

At Infogenic Solutions, we’re all about reducing the stress on your business via various technological applications. Such applications are meant to automate some of the more tedious tasks of your employees and increase their productivity for more important work. Thus, our team developed Lean Process Management (LPM). Together, with the skill of our programmers and our partnership with Microsoft, we can help your company achieve business process automation and stay compliant with all rules and regulations.

Lean Process Management: What is It?

LPM is a suite of tools based on Microsoft Office 365 that allows business managers to design and execute business processes. At the press of a button, the system will create a customized collaborative workspace with project management, workflow and dashboards.

What Can LPM Do for You?

By implementing LPM into your company, you’ll begin to see the benefits of automation throughout your daily workflow. For example, LPM can provide:

  • Document Management
  • Document Protection
  • Data Analysis
  • Self-Auditing
  • Workflow Management
  • Communication Between Clients & Employees
  • And More

One of the best aspects of LPM is the flexibility and customization available to any business. Infogenic Solutions works directly with you to develop programs that best meet the needs of you and your company.

A More Detailed Look

With LPM you will be able to leverage standard Microsoft Office 365 suite applications such as SharePoint Online, Power BI, and Microsoft Excel – therefore facilitating adoption across the organization, and minimizing training needs.

The applied lean process management generates RACI charts across a wide variety of business workflows; and are used to define, clarify, and assign responsibilities as Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each task held in the process execution- and to track progress across roles and business units. Robust, real-time Dashboards and KPI/performance management reports are generated in a user-friendly and collaborative workspace to support management analytical needs and decision making.

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