Document Management

Manage Your Documents Via Cloud Computing

Gartner defines Cloud Computing as “a style of computing in which massively scalable IT-related capabilities are provided ‘as a service’ using Internet technologies to multiple external customers.”

As your technology partner, Infogenic Solutions works to help you take advantage of all the phenomenal benefits of cloud computing. By using Office 365, you get big-business tools at a small-business expense. For example, that includes instant, around-the-clock availability to a robust suite of products, and the ability to synchronize documents between Office 365 and your workspaces.

With Office 365, your employees can go straight to the cloud to get what they need. It gives mobile employees anywhere access to documents and to one another. For example, using Teams in Office 365, with one click, your team members can set up a video conference with other co-workers.

Office 365 can be like adding extra hours to the day—or like having more people on staff. We can help you set-up Office 365 to bring a new level of consistency and faster response time to your customer service. Plus, using Office 365 can take away infrastructure worries. Moreover, it can provide a professional presence for your business that sets you apart from your competitors.

Get More Out of Document Management

Through Cloud Computing and our customized applications, we can automate and adjust document management to your preference. For example, there are incredible benefits to document management:

  • Reduced Need for Storage – No more cabinets of documents around your business, when everything is conveniently located on the Cloud.
  • Safe and Secure – We can adjust security for your documents so only the people that need to see them can.
  • Easy Access – No more searching through boxes of paperwork. You can retrieve documents with the click of a button.
  • Backed-Up – In the case of an accident or disaster in your office, your documents are always safe and out of harm’s way.

Talk with Our Team

To get set up with your own document management program and to begin making the transition to the Cloud, give the experts at Infogenic Solutions a call today. You can contact us at 309-863-5858.

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