About Us

About Us

We help businesses run better.

Infogenic Solutions has helped many clients—from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies—run their businesses by putting technology to work for them.

Our business consulting and technology solutions improve business process efficiencies, teamwork, customer service capabilities and more—including profitability.

At Infogenic Solutions, “Let your business run” is much more than a tagline. It defines our mission. We are dedicated to using our experience and expertise to get the most out of processes and technologies that help our clients not simply run their businesses—but run them better.

About Us

Company Overview

We help leaders run their businesses.

Infogenic Solutions is headquartered in Peoria, Illinois. As a Microsoft Partner specializing in portals & collaboration, .NET development and cloud services, Infogenic provides software solutions and consulting services to help clients of all sizes collect, analyze, share and use business-critical information.

Infogenic sells, customizes and implements solutions built upon Microsoft products, including SharePoint 2010, ASP.NET, Office, SQL Server and Cloud platforms. Infogenic is also expert at developing customized, stand-alone and integrated application solutions using the latest in technology and efficient processing techniques.

All of Infogenic’s services assist clients in making technology work to help them run their businesses at peak efficiency. The ultimate mission of Infogenic is to relieve our clients of business process obstacles and technology issues. Our solutions free our clients to engage in additional critical business functions, such as planning for growth, to help them run their businesses at maximum profitability.

About Us

Our Approach

Our solutions let your business run.

Infogenic Solutions takes a big picture approach to finding and implementing the right solutions for your business. We work together with our clients to first understand their business. We carefully identify and analyze your business processes, procedures and existing technologies.

Once we understand your business and your business needs, especially your information needs, we move forward with implementing the right combination of technology consulting services and software solutions that improve your business processes and let you run your business at peak efficiency.

In essence, our approach is to use a thorough discovery process to finding the technology solutions that will remove process obstacles for you. Those solutions let your business run the way it should, so you can let your business run the way you want it to—and in the process, freeing you to engage in other critical business functions, such as planning for the future.


Clients appreciate our successful solutions.

“Infogenic Solutions has built a Lean & Agile system that allowed us to manage hundreds of projects simultaneously with tracking and metrics. This system has streamlined our processes, allowed us to modify our Lanes dynamically while saving us time and substantially reducing our Project Management costs”

  • Chip Meiner, Design Engineer. Caterpillar Inc.

“Infogenic Solutions successfully implemented a complex performance management solution for a segment of our business which included the technology necessary to support multiple product managers. The business scorecard and visual management system Infogenic Solutions created was used to support our strategy and execution of tactics.”

  • John Karson, Engineering Manager, Caterpillar Inc.

“We can answer client questions faster, collaborate more effectively and provide higher-quality client service thanks to Infogenic Solutions. They did a professional job of implementing a SharePoint solution to help tame clients’ paper documents. We were pleased with Infogenic’s past work, so we partnered with them again to implement a SharePoint-based extranet. It will extend the efficiencies directly to our clients—for the best client service.”

  • James Bodtke, President and Founder of Bodtke & Stewart

“Infogenic Solutions’ Regulations Management tools helped us after procuring a smaller forestry company to store and tag all relevant documentation (safety audits, functional safety Excel spreadsheets, and Technical Construction Files which are required by the EU) that show conformity to the machine directive into a one-safe place for document storage. We then utilized the tool to define a process map for the future to bring other machines into compliance. Ensure all machines shipped from this forestry plant meet all EU directives.”

  • Quality Engineer, Large, multi-national manufacturing company

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