Regulations & Compliance Management

Regulations & Compliance Management


With many individual state, regional, country regulations and new ones coming into existence all the time, our large manufacturing client needed to confirm that engineers were aware of and complying with regulations when designing new equipment, tools, and parts. Lacking in compliance not only has monetary penalties but can also impact future sales and the company’s reputation.


Infogenic Solutions has developed a set of tools that can be customized and deployed per a client’s unique requirements.

Our tool set is easy to use and intuitive for users – providing user-friendly dashboards, standard reports and adaptability as client needs change.

Infogenic Solutions has a methodology to move to implementation in a relatively quick period of time once the client’s internal process flow is finalized. We even provide guidance on building the process flow. Our first iteration was within weeks of receiving the first process flow, and then we enhanced as requested by the client.


Infogenic Solutions worked with the client’s IT area to define internal needs, such as Microsoft service subscriptions, and ultimately installed and pushed access to the end users.

The data provided included the standard reports of status by owner and function, task lists, and checklists to ensure and report compliance with multiple regulations, processes, etc.

As this tool is built on Microsoft Office 365, the company was able to leverage applications such as SharePoint Online, Power BI and Flow.


Infogenic Solutions delivery of the first iteration immediately reaped adoption as well as forethought on how to expand. End users reported appreciation of an easy to use tool that also allowed for submission of enhancements that went through the internal approval process.

One of our clients, a very large manufacturing company, said, “Infogenic Solutions’ Regulations Management tools helped us after procuring a smaller forestry company to store and tag all relevant documentation (safety audits, functional safety Excel spreadsheets, and Technical Construction Files which are required by the EU) that show conformity to the machine directive into a one-safe place for document storage. We then utilized the tool to define a process map for the future to bring other machines into compliance. Ensure all machines shipped from this forestry plant meet all EU directives.”


Infogenic Solutions succeeded in being an extension of the client’s organization by providing high-quality, customized, sustainable software and services.

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