Lean Process Management

Lean Process Management

Driving business results and efficiency through process reinvention and capabilities optimization.


Under leveraged business capabilities and lack of proper process management have tangible, negative impacts on future business growth and improvement. Recognizing this, our client, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of industrial equipment, challenged us to architect and implement a system of centralized and proactive management of their processes across departments and available resources.

Deploying a strategy to predict, measure, and automate processes management, keep track of progress, and alert concerned parties as needed to ensure favorable outcomes were among the clients’ top priorities.

The Infogenic Solutions Approach:

Infogenic Solutions offers the tools and services to enable our clients to leverage new technologies to drive business innovation as well as transformation.

Our solutions help create new operating architectures, break up traditional silos, and optimize business processes and workflows.

Our toolsets are easy to use and intuitive for users across organizations – providing user-friendly dashboards, automated reporting of customized KPIs, and ongoing adaptability as client needs evolve.


Infogenic Solutions worked with the client’s process management unit to define internal process maps and created a library of adopted processes templates across the units along with supporting details for processes flow.

The data provided included process maps presented in intuitive PowerPoint formats, which Infogenic Solutions then developed into intuitive, automated LPM tools.

As these tools leverage the Microsoft Office 365 suite, the company was able to leverage standard applications such as SharePoint Online, Power BI, and Microsoft Excel – therefore facilitating adoption across the organization, and minimizing training needs.


The applied lean process generated RACI charts across a wide variety of business workflows; and are used to define, clarify, and assign responsibilities as Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed for each task held in the process execution- and to track progress across roles and business units. Robust, real-time Dashboards and KPI/performance management reports are generated in a user-friendly and collaborative workspace to support management analytical needs and decision making.


Infogenic Solutions succeeded in helping the client to build new operating architecture, enable process improvement, break up traditional silos, and expose business processes and workflows.

The LPM tools we have implemented for this client resulted in consistent double digit, in some cases triple digit, improvements in the following areas:

  • Overall, on-time project delivery
  • Task Start and Finish on time metrics
  • Overall team engagement

The metrics described above are consistent with the type of impact we have delivered for multiple other clients, across a wide variety of categories and organizational structures.

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