Business Process Automation

Business Process Automation


With growing digital transformation demand, a large manufacturing client needed to find a solution for their complex, multi-layered, cross-business process of customized machine orders that would track from the sale opportunity through to execution. Employees were taking ad-hoc requests and fulfilling them – sometimes without following the predetermined process. This ad-hoc approach was inefficient, lacked transparency and produced unnecessary costs.


Infogenic Solutions recommended implementing a digital, cloud-based system, based on our existing toolset, that would capture our client’s process, automate requests and approvals, and provide visibility of all requests.

Our toolset allows the client to forecast opportunities and establish pipelines in Microsoft Office 365. The system is easy to use and intuitive for users – providing a user-friendly dashboard to provide status and target dates for all requests.


Our client-focused consulting process quickly adapted their workflow into the system in a relatively quick period of time with the initial rollout provided within weeks. The system provides visibility of the three major steps: Program Registration, Project Requests and Project Dashboard, so that the client has a single source for documenting requests and projects. Now all requests are centralized and directed to the appropriate Account Manager, filtered through the approval process and managed to execution with transparency of status and delivery dates.

Infogenic Solutions worked with the client’s IT area to define internal needs, such as Microsoft service subscriptions, and ultimately installed and pushed access to the end users.

As this tool is built on Microsoft Office 365, the company was able to leverage applications such as SharePoint Online, Power BI and Flow. The output from the system is able to create metrics, dashboards, reports, etc.


Our system matched well with the client’s goal: to provide the best possible service to their customers along with visibility of all requests.

Chip Meiner, Design Engineer at Caterpillar Inc. said, “Infogenic Solutions has built a Lean & Agile system that allowed us to manage hundreds of projects simultaneously with tracking and metrics. This system has streamlined our processes, allowed us to modify our Lanes dynamically while saving us time and substantially reducing our Project Management costs”


Infogenic Solutions succeeded by providing innovative, cost-effective and efficient tools to simplify and fix their client’s complex business problems.

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