Business Intelligence

Make your data work for you.

Infogenic Solutions helps all businesses, whether sole proprietorships or multi-national corporations, by optimizing Business Intelligence (BI). We carefully identify and analyze your BI needs, and then implement the right combination of hardware and software solutions, such as Microsoft SharePoint 2010, SQL Server and custom applications, to get more out of your data.

With our high-performance BI solutions, we bring together disparate sources to make your enterprise-wide information available in one handy, central location. So you can easily access the most accurate and timely information on everything from sales data to inventory figures.

We also incorporate data visualization tools, like dashboards and score cards, to simplify analysis of your business-critical information, which makes both strategic and tactical decision-making easier for you. To get a better idea of how BI can help your data work more effectively to let your business run, take a look at this case study snapshot.