Extranet Helper

While extranets can be a great tool for companies that want to share information and files with their clients, the setup and management of extranets can be difficult and time-consuming.  That’s why Infogenic Solutions created the Extranet Helper application.  Extranet Helper streamlines the process of creating and updating SharePoint extranet sub-sites for your clients to access.  The application features an intelligent and easy-to-use interface, enabling sub-sites to be quickly created and synchronized with your Active Directory.  A nightly scheduled sync process will keep your fileshare and SharePoint libraries up-to-date with the latest files for your employees and clients to access.  Extranet Helper automates what would otherwise be a tedious and error-prone process.  By using our application with your existing or new client extranet, you can provide extranet access to your clients while lowering your IT support costs and hours.